treatment options

We treat children from the age of 5, adolescents and adults as well as seniors with any type of emotional or addictive issue.

Individual Therapy

For individuals with issues other than an addictive disorder, therapy assists in uncovering the true self. Uncovering feelings and learning how to recognize those feelings enables people to understand themselves more effectively.  Identifying feelings and learning about power and control are key features of self discovery. Allow us to help you to learn how to feel powerful in your own life.


Couples Counseling

Relationship therapy is important in balancing the power and control between couples.  Recognizing defects in communication and how to manage our need for control is one piece of how this therapy works. Family therapy assists in bringing issues out into the open.  We sometimes get lost in family life and our expectations often leave us feeling disappointed and frustrated. We must begin to pay attention to our instincts and begin to challenge our beliefs so that our family can grow instead of stagnate. 


Group Therapy

Group therapy is a way to help clients relate to those who are of similar age, gender, or circumstance so that they may find support and learn from their peers. Our group therapy sessions are designed to teach our clients valuable social skills and provide a forum for them to apply the progress they have made in individual sessions to real life interaction with others. Therapists within the group setting facilitate discussions, provide conflict management between group members and offer support to the individual through their weekly sessions.


Pycho-Educational (for Individuals and Groups)

These groups take the format of classes that teach topics on mental health awareness, coping skills that clients can use within their treatment and tools for improving your life. These are generally open enrollment and are low-cost so that everyone can benefit. You can find stay up to date with the topics we offer by Liking us on Facebook!


Addiction Therapy*

Don't waste your time just trying to quit using drugs or alcohol. Learn how to live without addictive behaviors. Find out WHY you use drugs and alcohol so you can deal with the problems instead of trying to cover the symptoms. The addiction is only a symptom of a deeper problem. You will never stop until you understand why you use. With desire, dedication, and the right therapist to assist you in your journey to  self discovery you can begin a new life. 

Treat the Problem.


Addiction Therapy for Loved Ones

Spouses, Children, and Parents of addicted individuals also need supportive therapy in order to deal with the many stressors that come from involvement with addiction. We provide many options for loved ones of addicted individuals. 

*Criteria For Addiction Clients
A brief evaluation by phone will be sufficient in order to determine appropriateness for outpatient treatment. If you are currently using drugs such as heroin or other opiates, or xanax, or other tranquilizers, or if you use alcohol on a daily basis, it is likely that you will need detoxification treatment in order to stop suddenly without health risks. 

However, you may just want to find out more about addiction and may not be quite ready to give up your addiction. We will treat you regardless of your decision to continue using drugs or alcohol. We believe that you can gain a great deal of strenth by understanding more about your addiction and by having someone who understands you and listens to you. Not everyone is ready to stop. If you just want information about addiction and think that you are not ready to stop, feel free to schedule an appointment just to learn more. Even if you don't think you are an addict, you still may have questions or want to talk with someone who will not judge you but will give you honest answers. Please feel free to schedule an appointment. There is no obligation to commit to an ongoing program. You decide.


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